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AGROVECO GROUP integrates SAP HANA, and advances firmly in its strategy of digitalization and process improvement.

Agroveco Group, a benchmark for innovation and quality in the feed industry, takes another step in its digitalization strategy by implementing the most prestigious management software program in terms of ERP, whose ultimate goal is the integration of financial processes, production, logistics and quality of a Group that is once again committed to ICT as a guarantor of growth, modernization and quality. The latest generation SAP HANA solution. Advantic has been the company chosen for the development of the project,

Approaching 55 years of history, the Agroveco Group is one of the most recognized brands in the market. The one that was born in the mid-twentieth century as a small cooperative in Zaragoza, a city in which it maintains its headquarters, is today a very consolidated group nationally and internationally. The commitment to quality and innovation have always been in the DNA of the company, specializing in the production of livestock feed, raw material, and subsequently expanding its niche market with the introduction of pet and horse feed.

The group has known how to coexist its innate values ​​of effort and perseverance with the look towards the future that has made it one of the pioneer food groups for some time now to face digitalization in our country. Agroveco Group is today an example to follow in the Industry 4.0 model and continues to make progress in the continuous improvement of its processes with technology as an ally.

From Advantic, “it is a pride that a company like Agroveco Group, with very high standards of quality and demand for service, has trusted us.”

This implementation will improve the billing time to the customer or supplier, improve the traceability of processes, and achieve better control of all information.

Likewise, we want to request your close collaboration in order to debug any mismatch of the system that could occur in the initial weeks of implementation.

This implementation will begin on January 1, 2020, and for that, we thank you for the trust placed, as in previous occasions.