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Last February, we made our regular tour around the Middle-East in order to meet our importers and update the last trends and feedback from our main brands, EquusLine and Rex Natural Range.

But this time there was an exceptional guest, our General Manager Fernando Valdrés, who joint our Export Manager, Jorge Guillén, in this trip. It was a great opportunity to meet our importers at their own facilities and getting to know better about their markets and needs.

We visited five Countries: United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Oman and Qatar.

In each of these Countries we had the chance not only to visit our partners, but also to meet their own customers, such a stables, particular owners, pet-shops, veterinary clinics, and even the Royal Cavalry.

Other than that…we were able to enjoy their amiability! As always, so grateful for your hospitality! SHUKRAAN!!