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January is coming and, this month, it begins the season of outdoor cows. These cows are bred outside in freedom in order to do exercise and develop their behavior and, the most important, being feed by the best of nature: fresh grass from the best quality.

It is well known the best can be given to a cow is the way of life which nature prepared for her. In this ideal context of freedom, space to move, sun, outdoor exercise, fresh food and respect to her vital cycle, a cow is having a better life and then she is able to optimize all her vital functions, reinforce her immune system and avoid getting sick, producing top quality meat and milk.


But the breeding of outdoor cows is not only advisable from the point of view of products quality: this is a practice which highly contributes to sustainability of environment because, on one hand, the cow is eating feed based on natural resources and, on the other hand, it contributes to keep the existence of these natural resources redistributing seeds through their dregs and cutting the grass all around, preventing potential fires during summer.


However, in some seasons, as winter, the field does not offer enough fresh grass for cows and it is needed to provide them complementary feed from the best quality in order to cover all their nutritional requirements and keeping their health and well-being. In this context, it is important to know the options the market is offering in order to choose the feed which better fits these needs,100% sustainable and respectful with cows. 

In Agroveco, you can find some feed for outdoor cows, all of them made with fresh raw material. Our feeds are mostly produced with ingredients from our region, the Ebro Valley, very close to our manufacture plant. This advantage, together with our manufacture with the latest technologies and exhaustive control, make possible to produce complete feed from the best quality for outdoor cows, covering all their nutritional needs.


Among our feed for outdoor cows, you will find our 3.5 mm and 12 mm pellets. The bigger ones are ideal for eating directly from the ground, even during rain, snow or moisture, because the pellet keeps strong.

Among the 3.5 mm pellet feed, you can find “Cow Master” and “Suckler Cow”, providing different levels of protein and energy. Among the 12 mm pellet feed, “Unique taco”, “Energy taco” and “2000 taco”, also with different levels of protein and energy. You can check all the detailed information here.

This January, get properly ready for the new season of outdoor cows by choosing properly the grazing lands and the feed in order to complement their nutrition during the winter season.

Images| Pixabay, Agroveco.