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This November, we celebrate the launch of a new product in Agroveco: NATURMIX POULTRY. A poultry feed made just from natural ingredients. This way, we want to offer the possibility to feed our poultry in the most traditional way, keeping all the quality and taste as our grandparents were breeding.




Our new feed Naturmix Poultry is a mix of cereals and soya, optimal for all type of poultry: hens, chickens, pheasants, turkeys…the main ingredient is corn produced by our own agriculture owners, which after is cleaned and dried in our dryers.

From cropping to drying, all our procedures guarantee optimal conditions in order to produce high quality corn, keeping all the nutritional benefits, as we mentioned few days ago in our article regarding the corn season. This high quality raw material is the main component in our new feed Naturmix Poultry.



Corn from this muesli is complemented by wheat, barley and, specially, soya, a key ingredient for poultry because it provides the needed proteins and aminoacids in order to grow strong and healthy.
Furthermore, this feed offers an optimal grain size in order to let the animal eat it freely, encouraging this way its natural behaviour.


Naturmix rafia_25 KG

Naturmix Poultry is packed in 25kg raffia transparent bags, so customers can see clearly the composition. You can find it through our distributors and importers. This product completes our wide range of feed for poultry where, aside from Naturmix Poultry, you can also find references for hens, poultry, pigeons and partridges in different formats.


Images|Agroveco, Fotolia

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