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Thursday December 17 was an important date for Agroveco. It was one of those days you remember for a long time with special affection because not every day you receive a visit from the mayor in “your home”.

This Thursday was not an ordinary day because we had a visit of honor. The mayors of Zaragoza and Utebo, Mr. Pedro Santiesteve and Mr. Miguel Dalmau and the mayor-president of Casetas, José Luis Román along with the councilwoman of citizen participation, Ms. Elena Giner visited our headquarters in Casetas and then moved to our new logistics center, located in Utebo, and there the Minister of rural Development and Sustainability of the Government of Aragon, Joaquín Olona, joined us.

The purpose of this meeting is to know first-hand the activities that we carry out in Agroveco and meet the new plant of 5.000 m2 which acts as logistics center, operational for about 4 months, and has been a qualitative leap, allowing us to triple our logistical capacity, an essential part in the service we offer to our partners and customers.

At 10:30 we received the authorities in our “home” and our general director, Fernando Valdrés, made a brief presentation about the company in our meeting room.

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This presentation highlights our 3 essential points: training, investment and collaboration with our environment. Due to our cooperative nature, the benefits are not distributed but are reinvested in the cooperative through investments in factories or training to our partners and employees.

After this presentation, we moved on to a brief tour though our factory and our corn dryers, where our factory director, Emilio Alonso, and our processes responsible, Nacho Millán, joined us.

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Once the tour ended at our headquarters, it was time to meet with the counselor, Mr. Joaquín Olona in the logistics center, priority objective of the visit.


We made a tour of the new center explaining the logistics process currently used in Agroveco and how Agroveco has become more complex due to the continued growth of sales in sacks through distribution.


After the tour, the president of the cooperative, D. Carlos Mur, opened the round of speeches, followed by the mayor of Zaragoza, Mr.  Pedro Santiesteve, the mayor of Utebo, Mr. Miguel Dalmau and finally the Minister of Rural Development and Sustainability of the Government of Aragon, Mr. Joaquín Olona who noted that this project shows that we can create jobs from a social economy and that the cooperative model can and should be competitive“.




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