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Our Export Director, Jorge Guillén, has completed a two-week commercial mission to the Middle East where he visited some of our importers in four of the countries in the Persian Gulf where we sell: The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman.

The trip began in Kuwait, where our importer was the main sponsor of the most important Arabian Horse Show in the country, which had great positive reverberations since it was broadcast on television and the main media outlets.

The show (kuwait)

The Show 

There were several categories, the last, Senior Stallion, being the most important and which we can proudly say was won by one of our horses, EquusLine. In the photo we can see Jorge Guillen at the award ceremony.

In this competition, our importer also had a stand to promote the brand.

Montaje kuwait
Sponsoring the main arabian horse show in kuwait
An Equusline horse winning the main category, adult stallion
Our stand in the show


The next destination was the United Arab Emirates, where we visited our importer in the state of Sharjah. From there, the product is distributed to the rest of the country, especially in the area of ​​Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Sharjah.

This is the largest market in the area, and the type of horse for which the product is destined is quite varied: from horse breeding to endurance, jumping, racing or Arabian show, among others.

From the United Arab Emirates we went to Oman. It is a smaller market, yet very demanding, where we have managed to provide EquusLine to the main government agencies and to royal stables.

In the photo we can see our main client, the Royal Cavalry, where we visited the horses and the nutritionists and official veterinaries of his majesty. Unfortunately, it is forbidden to take pictures inside the enclosure … so we can only publish this photo of the exterior façade.

After that, we were invited to dine with the family and friends of our importer on one of their farms. At Agroveco, we believe that it is essential to create with our clients personal relationships built on trust in order to successfully carry out long-term projects.

The last stop on the trip was Qatar. As a curiosity, we had to organize the trip in this order since, due to a governmental conflict, neither trade nor flights between Qatar and the UAE are allowed.

It was another very interesting trip where we were able to review and update many of the business lines we have open in this country. In the first photo we can see the country’s wholesale market, where every day, starting from 5am, hundreds of lorries arrive loaded with animals, fodder, alfalfa and feed for all kinds of animals.

with our importers in Qatar

With our importers in Qatar

Likewise, the welcome by our importer was very hospitable, as in the previous countries. Something important that unites us to the Arab countries is the culture of hospitality and forging the kind of friendly relations that we mentioned above.

Thank you for the hospitality and kindness provided by each of our clients and we hope to see you again soon, in the Persian Gulf … or in Zaragoza! where you know you are always more than welcome 🙂

Montaje Qatar

                                                                                                                                Wholesale market   
Great place for a bussines meeting in Qatar