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Today we are talking about a visit which means a lot for us. It was not them who came to visit us, but we went there.

It has been our export manager, Jorge Guillén, who has spent the second half of January travelling around 5 Countries in the Gulf in order to visit our importers.

The trip began in the United Arab Emirates, where he landed on the 23rd to meet our importer in UAE. During 4 days he was visiting with our importer some Riding Clubs who are using our feed, sharing experiences and compiling feedback.

stables bahrain ministry defense

Next stop was Bahrain, where he had the chance not only to visit the stables and clubs using our feed, but also a Jumping competition where some of “our” horses were riding.

It was also a good opportunity to work the introduction of other kind of products from our catalogue.

stables egypt

Next stop was Oman, where he had the chance to visit the prestigious stable from the Royal Guard together with our importer, before flying to Egypt.

In Egypt we were visiting some more Riding Clubs using our feed and other breeders, but a great experience (according to his words) was to prepare a presentation/seminar from our feeds for an important Riding School in Cairo. This is a pride for our Company and shows the good job performed by Jorge.

In total, it was four Countries. Five importers. Five points of view. Because we are aware that an international cooperation is not just selling. In Agroveco be are aware about the importance to go hand-by-hand with our customers, visiting them regularly and keeping permanent touch with them.

importers bahrain

Listening their feedback, sharing experiences and helping with all the technical support they need is something crucial in order to keep a successful long-term relation for both sides. Growing together with our importers, whom we prefer to call “partners”, is one of our essential premises

From Agroveco, we sincerely express our gratitude for all the hospitality and great reception to Jorge in each of his trips.

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