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Last 6th of October, we were visiting the head-quarters from “Casa de Ganaderos de Zaragoza” and were learning about this historical Company, through Armando, responsible for its library.

Origin from this Company is 18th May 1218, and it was founded by Jaime I “the Conquer”, Aragon King when he was still a child. This is the most ancient Company in Spain, 4th oldest in Europe and 19th in the World, from all the Companies with evidence about their activity.

This Company brought together every ovine breeder from Zaragoza, which was, in that time, a powerful economic group. The King was searching for support from the people through this association, against the Nobles. Idea which was taking into consideration by Alfonso X “the Whise” in order to set up “La Mesta” 55 years after in the Kingdom of Castilla.

In less than 3 years they are going to celebrate their 800th anniversary. It has been 8 Centuries of exciting history, all collected in their Library. Currently, this Company still brings together 250 ovine breeders as a Cooperative, Social Company. They are nowadays producing the best “ternasco”, our regional lamb meat.

This ovine sector is not as important in our Economy as it used to be, but it is strongly attached to our history and it is part of our Culture. In Aragon, when we talk about meat, everybody knows we are talking about “ternasco” meat.

It is important to know from where we are coming from, in order to know where are we going. In “Casa de Ganaderos” they know it well. This is why they still keep this precious Library, in order to keep alive our history and identity.

In Agroveco, we are very proud to provide “Casa de Ganaderos” our feed in order to cooperate to produce the best “Ternasco” meat in Aragon (some people call it the caviar-meat) and cooperate with another Social Company who is sharing our values.


casa ganaderos1

Fundacional document of “Casa Ganaderos” naming the first Justice of ranchers, Sunday of Montealtet, May 18, 1218


casa ganaderos2

Jaime I of Aragon, “the Conqueror”. King of Aragon between 1213 and 1276


casa ganaderos3

Old hall


Images| Casa de Ganaderos

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