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This March, we are celebrating a new launch in Agroveco: “High Quality Lamb and Cattle”, a new line o feed for lambs and cattle, containing natural antioxidants in order to increase meat conservation and keeping longer in perfect condition.

This is a new line of feed containing natural antioxidants made from plant extracts. This reinforces the immune defense from the animal, reducing cells oxidation having direct effect on the meat.

Conservation process of meat is one of the key points influencing directly on quality, both for the final customer who can realize at first sight, but also in the previous steps from the chain (breeder-producer, distributor and retailer), who truly appreciate the greatest quality on the meat they are selling.

Due to we know about this importance, in Agroveco we have worked in a research together with the Companies “Setna” and “Casa de Ganaderos de Zaragoza”. The results of this research (where we selected 4 homogenean groups of 20 lambs) allowed us to launch the market this new line of feeds made to enlarge the meat-life. This is also a very important factor when talking about exportation.

In Agroveco we are providing feed, adapting all the time to the nutritional needs of the animals for their optimal development. SETNA, a leader Company in premixes and additives for animal-feed, provided their natural antioxidant and CASA DE GANADEROS DE ZARAGOZA, a Cooperative founded in 1218 provided their facilities and animals.

Coordination of the three Companies has made possible this research which began in November. The results, obtained in January, have let us launching to the market this new line of feeds, increasing life of meat and improving the meat colour.

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