4 April, 2018

Commercial mission to the middle east

Our Export Director, Jorge Guillén, has completed a two-week commercial mission to the Middle East where he visited some of our importers in four of the countries in the Persian Gulf where we sell: The United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Qatar and Oman. The trip began in Kuwait, where our importer was the main sponsor of […]

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16 August, 2016

Rex Pet Shop Opening in Turkey

Our Export Manager, Jorge Guillén, was attending the inauguration from a new REX PET-SHOP in Istanbul, Turkey. Due to the positive feedback of our products in the turkish market, our importer decided to open a new shop with the name of our brand for dogs and cats, REX. This is an important bet on our […]

31 March, 2016


Agroveco takes a step forward as an innovative enterprise in calf feeding programs, launching this time a calf feedingprogram free of straw. Manuel QC A few years ago, due to a policy change on additives in animal feed, the model to formulate feed changed. The use of monensin in calf feed is forbidden. Monensin, an […]

3 March, 2016

New high High Quality line for Lamb & Cattle

This March, we are celebrating a new launch in Agroveco: “High Quality Lamb and Cattle”, a new line o feed for lambs and cattle, containing natural antioxidants in order to increase meat conservation and keeping longer in perfect condition. This is a new line of feed containing natural antioxidants made from plant extracts. This reinforces […]